Think Beyond, Rise Above

We adopted a collaborative approach when designing the logo for our silver jubilee – a large number of students submitted their digital art and a thorough selection process ensued. The logo that was selected shows two stylized lenses with 25 emerging through them. The small lens is emblematic of the significance placed on the school’s illustrious past that has paved the way for the progress made thus far. The larger one is symbolic of rising above and beyond every challenge to boldly meet the future. The colours blue and red used in the logo are consistent with the shades used in the School Crest.

At Gateway, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals – those who believe in transforming the future of the planet. We focus on providing transformational education that encourages students to be open-minded, innovative, and future-focused. Our readiness to face all that tomorrow brings is captured through the logo which gives prominence to the 5 and the larger lens – both represent the future. Twenty-five years and beyond, we will stand tall, stay true to our formidable past and adapt our approaches to suit the future of our world.