Gateway is blessed to have a great team of teachers who are devoted to the wellbeing of every single child. We believe that the teacher’s role will be even more significant in the future. The school identifies ‘quality improvement of teachers’ as a priority area. We want our teachers to be activators more than being mere facilitators. As activators of learning, we will have to offer constant feedback, set challenging goals, and constantly monitor learning. With all the adverse effects of technology, our role in ‘pastoral care’ too is raised to a higher level. 

As a part of our constant desire to adapt and improve, every year, the staff attends a 1 ½ day session in one of the popular resorts in the country where they discuss the academic plans for the upcoming year and present the research done by them. The outing has a good blend of learning and fun. This annual gathering is an event that all teachers look forward to, for them to get to know each other and build bridges five schools. Since the pandemic, we transformed our joint academic discussions to an online format, which has not only been extremely successful but has enabled our teachers to interact and communicate more frequently with each other. Every year, the teachers also attend the one day International Forum for Teachers organized by the Gateway Graduate School. Further, in-house Staff Development Programmes are carried out on a continued basis aimed at improving the Teaching and Learning Process. 

A true teacher considers learning equivalent to teaching. Gateway believes that true professionalism does not stop with initial educational qualifications and years of experience. With this in mind, Gateway teachers commit to Continuous Professional Development throughout their careers.

Education itself continuously evolves, and has been transformed over the course of the past three decades by the digital revolution. Gateway stays abreast of these developments by encouraging and giving prominence to the Continuous Professional Development of staff. Research on education discovers new trends, better methodologies, and innovative approaches. Teachers are expected to log their training hours through a CPD monitoring system at Gateway, thus ensuring that our teachers maintain their professionalism through a commitment to CPD.

Our teachers can avail themselves of development workshops and training sessions throughout the year that cover subject-specific and generic topics, and can attend summer training programmes overseas. Gateway also offers untrained teachers the opportunity to obtain their Diploma in Teaching at the Gateway Graduate School at a concessionary fee. As an organization that has made a name for ICT both locally and Internationally, Gateway has also provided continuous support to their teachers to develop their ICT skills. Being a Microsoft Showcase School our teachers are expected to be certified Microsoft Innovative Educators. It is encouraging to see Gateway teachers increasingly incorporating ICT into their day to day teaching. 

Gateway has always had an important focus on Research and Development. Within the school, the teachers have published course books at Primary level in Science, History, Geography, Global Perspectives, PE, Design and Technology etc. At Secondary level we publish course books for Sri Lankan History, Global Perspectives and PE. In addition, Practical Guides have been prepared for International GCSE Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

The research presented at the annual outing is a result of the work teachers do throughout the year looking for ways to improve the teaching-learning experience by incorporating best practices based on reliable methods of research and verification. The culmination of this is the biennial award - the Kamini Mendis Research Award for the best Teacher Led Research which is presented to the teacher/s who present the best research in each school.

In the field of ICT, Gateway is proud to be partnering Edexcel UK in the delivery of Computer Pioneers, an entire Computer training program for schools that is delivered locally as well as globally.

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