Gateway College sees the need, now more than ever, to produce citizens who are globally conscious, yet socially aware and firmly rooted to the soil. With this in mind, the school strives to provide an all-round education to its pupils, so that they grow up to be confident, happy and well-balanced citizens. Thus, the management of Gateway continues to focus on safeguarding the ethos cultivated by the Founder creating a calm, disciplined, respectful, caring and ethical environment for children.

Every student of Gateway, from Primary to Secondary, engages in religious observances and mindfulness daily. The constant encouragement given to practice and celebrate one’s faith has resulted in a school culture where students grow up strong in their own faith while respecting and empathizing with the beliefs of others. As a step forward, the school has restructured the teaching of religion to include a section on the learning of other religions too.

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  • 185, Koswatta Road,
    (Via Parliment Road, Off Royal
    Gardens), Rajagiriya
  • Tel: 94 112888288, 94 112888280
  • Email: [email protected]


  • 80, Wariyapola Sri Sumangala
    Mawatha, Asgiriya,
  • Tel: 94 812200300, 94 812200206
  • Email: [email protected]