The Mindfulness programme that has been in place for the last 3 years in the Secondary school with 5 min of mindfulness practice in the morning that has helped our students to hone their attention and focus. We introduced 3 minutes of mindfulness to our Primary students from Year 3 upwards just a year ago. Students engage in mindfulness activities such as mindful listening, mindful breathing, mindful seeing, mindful body scanning and mindful gratitude.

Students will be introduced to the MindUp curriculum from 2022 onwards during the HomeRoom sessions. MindUP’s program is an evidence-based social and emotional learning program grounded in neuroscience, based on 4 pillars – Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Mindful Awareness and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

We believe that the practice of Mindfulness in the morning and 5 minutes of Religious observances after the interval helps our students with more effective emotion regulation, better behaviour in school, greater empathy, better social skills and reduced test anxiety.

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