Gateway has a proud tradition of sporting achievement, with students setting records locally and internationally. We encourage students to participate, and ensure our campuses are equipped with facilities that enable them to compete in a wide variety of sports. In addition to gaining a sense of belonging and increased self-esteem, sport also contributes to better health and fitness, and inculcates a sense of sportsmanship, competitive spirit, leadership, meticulousness, cooperation, and team spirit.

We have an exemplary track record in sporting/co-curricular activity achievements, with an increasing number of Gateway students representing Sri Lanka in athletics, swimming, basketball, netball, chess, rowing, football, tennis, badminton, karate, and scrabble each year.

Our approach has always been two fold. On one hand, we want every Gateway child to be involved in sport. It is with this objective that swimming has been made a part of our curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 2. Kids Athletic, the annual event where all kids from Years 1 to 6 take part is also carried out with the same purpose. On the other hand, we want our skilled sports men and women to be competitive and achieve the best for themselves, the school and the country.

The strengthening of the Inter House competitions has raised both the interest and skill levels of students in various games. The school offers 13 games and it is heartening to see that Gateway College has been within the top 4 in almost all sports. The Colors Award ceremony is held every year, where excellence in sports of all Gateway schools is rewarded. The highest award for sports at Gateway is the ‘Dove’.

The following sports are offered at Gateway. All sports listed may not be available in all our schools.



Gateway has a fair amount of dominance in Athletics. We have always been among the top two schools at the International Schools Athletic Championship (ISAC). Many of our students go on to compete at Zonal, Provincial and National level. ShehanAmbepitiya, the Junior Commonwealth Triple Gold Winner is a proud product of Gateway.



Gateway has gained national level recognition in Basketball. We have been within the top four schools in the country both at All Island and JathikaPasal competitions. All our schools are fortunate to have their own courts.



Having our own courts to international standards, Badminton at Gateway is making steady progress and we have had students who have represented the country.



Chess has had a remarkable improvement in the last few years for Gateway to be within the first two schools in the International School circuit. It is pleasing to see some of our youngsters reaching the stars to play at national level.



As always, cricket remains to be one of the most popular sports at Gateway. At inter international school level, we have a tradition of being one of the most competitive schools.



Participation and enthusiasm for football has grown immensely over the last few years resulting in Gateway being very successful at Inter International Schools Championships.



As a sport that was introduced recently, Karate is seen to be an emerging sport even though a few individual students have performed exceptionally well at District, Province and National Championships.



Gateway continues to be dominant at Netball in the International Schools arena. There has never been a tournament where Gateway has not made its presence felt.


Gateway College has its own fleet of Boats at the Colombo Rowing Club to promote the sport of Rowing. The Boats are named Victory, Invincible, Challenger, Endeavour, Yamato and Mayflower taken from the famous Battleships of the past. The fleet of boats and equipment include: two Fours that can be converted to Quadruple Sculls, two pairs that can be converted to Double Sculls, two Single Sculls, two Concept 2 Ergo meters, 14 Sweep Oars and 12 Sculls from ‘CROKER’ Australia.

Triumvirate, the Triangular Regatta among three leading schools; Gateway College, Asian International School and Bishop’s College is an annual event. We have also started to compete at the All Island Inter School Rowing competition.



We are very proud of our continuous improvements in swimming. All schools are making plans to have their own pools in the near future and we have little doubt that we will be in top gear by then. The commitment of our swimmers have taken us to the very top in the international school arena.

Table Tennis


There is much interest in the sport but the lack of competitions hinders the progress of the sport.



Tennis is beginning to see an improvement, especially among the young ones



Squash is one of the most recent sports added to the list of sports at Gateway College, Colombo. Within a very short period, both boys and girls, have showed good progress enabling us to enter several tournaments.

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