Education has begun to transform rapidly in the recent years, but with the global pandemic there has been a transformation in the field of education the effects of which we are only beginning to see. As an International School in Sri Lanka that is responsible and accountable to our own destiny, we also have to be alert to the changes that are taking place in the education systems around us and to adapt in ways that best benefits our student community.

From the very inception, Gateway took a decision to model our curriculum according to the English system of education. Being subjected to this well researched and time-tested curriculum, our students continue to excel both is school and thereafter.

The education systems world over are undergoing rapid change.  As a responsible educational organization, we cannot simply ignore what is happening around and be complacent, especially when we see that the economic dominance is shifting from the west to the east.

While our vision is global, we have also made it a point to incorporate aspects of the local curriculum especially in areas relating to history, culture and civil society to ensure that our students remain grounded in the world around them even as they benefit from the world beyond.

Our curriculum, therefore, should be considered as one that is not fixed as we make alterations whenever necessary. Gateway, however, has and always will, strive to offer a balanced curriculum that is aimed at the holistic development of every pupil.

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