Our ambitious co-curricular programme includes many Clubs and Societies. There is much variety between our schools in the offering of these activities as each school has their own domains. Students acquire a lot of soft skills by being involved in these programmes. Co-curricular activities are particularly good at providing opportunities for students to work in teams, to exercise leadership, and to take the initiative themselves. They naturally make students more attractive to universities and to potential employers.

Just as sports are recognised at the annual Colors Nite, co-curricular activities are recognized at the College Awards Day. Gateway also encourages students to take part in both national and international events in this sphere of activity. The recent success of our team at the Colombo based Model United Nations (COMUN) where Gateway emerged as the ‘Best School’ and the participation of our MUN teams at Harvard MUN and MUN at the Hague are examples of the schools’ focus on developing this sector. The traditional curricula are not without gaps and the strengthening of co-curricular activities to a large extent helps us to fill such voids


Clubs and Societies offered at Gateway

Buddhist SocietyBuddhist Society Buddhist SocietyBuddhist  society 
Christian SocietyChristian SocietyChristian Society Catholic society 
Hindu SocietyHindu Society Hindu SocietyHindu society 
Islamic SocietyIslamic SocietyIslamic Society Islamic society 
Business ClubBusiness ClubBusiness Club Business 
Debating ClubDebatingDebating Society Debating 
ICT SocietyICT and photography ClubICT SocietyICT 
Drama ClubDrama ClubDrama Club Drama 
MUNModel United Nations (MUN)MUN Club MUN 
Science SocietyScience SocietyScience Society Chemistry 
Robotics Robotics Robotics Robotics Robotics
Community Service ClubCommunity ServiceCommunity ServiceSocial Service Responsibility 
Astronomy Club /Aviation Club Astronomy Club /Aviation Club Astronomy society  
English Literary SocietyEnglish Literary SocietyEnglish Literary Society English Literary Club
French Club French ClubFrench Society   
Production/VoicesJournalist clubBroadcasting unit Media Unit 
Sinhala SocietySinhala SocietySinhala Society   
Math Society Maths Society  
Art ClubArtastic ClubArt Society  
Interact ClubInteract Club   
Environmental SocietyEnvironmental ClubEnvironmental Society   
History SocietyHistoryHistory Society  
Guiding ClubGuiding/Scouting Sea Scouting 
First Aid SocietySt John's Ambulance service   
Photography Club    
Scrabble Club    
Geography Club    
General Knowledge Club (GK)    
Law Society    
 Toastmasters and Broadcasting   
 Choir club   
  Quiz Club  


Religious and Cultural Activities

Being multi-cultural and multi-religious is a part of our identity. We believe that it is through this identity that we should inculcate Sri Lankan values where they grow up respecting beliefs and practices of one another.

All four religions – Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Islamic, are allocated a minute each for the reciting religious scripts or hymns immediately after the interval from Key Stage 2 onwards. The implementation of this new initiative has contributed towards creating a calm and peaceful mind among our children.

The Vesak lantern competition, Bhakthi Gee, the Sil Campaign of the Secondary and the Dhamma discussion of the Primary organized by the Buddhist Society, the enlightening Islamic day held by the Islamic Society, the Carols that generates the Christmas cheer and spirit and the ‘Christian Splendor’,  that celebrates praise and worship organized by the Christian Society and the glamorous Saraswathi Pooja and the colorful ‘Holi’ festival that is conducted by the Hindu Society are annual events at Gateway. Avurudu celebration in April is one of those events that the entire school – both Primary and the Secondary look forward to.

In 2020 in order to encourage greater respect and understanding within our school community and beyond, we launched an initiative to help young learners understand the principles and practices of some of the major faiths of Sri Lanka and the world. Students from Year 1 to 5 study their respective religions in the first two terms of an academic year and in the third term learn about common concepts across the four religions.


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