At Secondary Level, we continue to have both breadth and the depth in our provisions. The students are provided with many choices, enabling them to experience a wide variety of disciplines.

The adolescent age group that forms Key Stage 3 can be challenging in many aspects. Much planning and effort has gone into Key Stage 3, to improve student engagement in academics and co-curricular activities. We are pleased to see that many initiatives that have been put in place over the years have a positive impact in the academic performances of our students and is reflected in their examination results.

Subject areas covered at Key Stage 3 include:
English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Science, Commerce, Computing, History, Geography, Art & Design, Music, Sinhala, French, Global Perspectives, Civic Education and Physical Education

The performance of our students thus far, at Edexcel Achievement tests and the Cambridge Secondary Checkpoints in English, Mathematics and Science have been very encouraging. From 2018, a Checkpoint in Global Perspectives has been added to Year 9.

Students are able to take two modules of the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) at Year 8 and begin developing their ICDL Profile qualifications that are internationally recognised. From 2020, students have the option of taking the Edexcel Achievement Test in Computing as well.

Considering their interest in the use of ICT, the school has made substantial investments to encourage the students of Key Stage 3 to use e-Learning. It is our belief that engaging them in learning will make them focus more on using ICT in a purposeful manner.

The school is also making investments in STEM education and there is now an Innovation Studio in Secondary School to support exploration, creativity and invention in the field of Science.

To encourage the learning of Mathematic concepts at Key Stage 3, Math Labs where digital technology and math equipment can be used has been introduced as well.

As the first school that introduced Edexcel International GCSE in Sri Lanka, we look back with satisfaction on how we have been able to offer a broad curriculum to our students at Key Stage 4 and how they have benefitted from it. In line with the thinking of the Independent Schools in the UK, we discourage early specialisation and at this stage encourage our students to take a variety of subjects from different disciplines.

A few subjects offered at Key Stage 4 are actually taught from Year 9. They are ICT, Commerce and Science. This enables students to take IGCSEs in these three subjects at the end of Year 10. Such practice helps students to reduce the burden at Year 11 and take the remaining subjects with more confidence.

Table below shows the subjects offered at Key Stage 4. All combinations may not be available in all our schools.

English Language
Physics Accounting
Chemistry Business
Biology Economics
Human Biology Computer Science Further Pure Math
Sinhala French Drama
History Art Psychology
Geography English Lit Btec Sport


At Advanced Level, Gateway College offers a comprehensive selection of educational choices, enabling parents and students to choose the best education program for academic growth and success. They have been arranged in a way where even uncommon combinations of subjects can be taken to suit students’ future careers. Students also have the option of taking 3 Advanced Level subjects along with a Diploma and thereby fast tracking their degree studies.  They can also take 2 A Level with a BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Sport.  An additional International Foundation Programme is available for students who wish to take an accelerated learning pathway from O levels to university degree entry.

Table below shows the subjects offered at Advanced Level where students are required to choose a subject/course from each of the four columns. All combinations may not be available in all our schools.

Mathematics* Further Mathematics*Mathematics Mathematics (P1,P2,S1)+(P3,P4,M1)
Biology MathematicsChemistryChemistry
PhysicsPhysicsPhysics Business
Economics AccountingLaw*English Literature
GeographyPsychologyPsychologyComputer Science
FrenchBTEC Level 3 SportEconomics 
Level 4 - Diploma in Computing (DIC)Level 4 - Diploma in Business (DIB)Drama 
University of Arizona Early University Program University of Arizona Early University Program University of Arizona Early University Program University of Arizona Early University Program

It is very interesting to see that the students are taking full advantage of the choices given to them and are taking up very innovative and novel subject combinations in keeping with trends worldwide. The College encourages the students who wish to pursue demanding careers such as Medicine, Engineering and Law to take 4 AL subjects.

Students taking only 3 subjects are able to take a Diploma that forms the first year of a British Degree in Computing or Business Management. They are the Diploma in Computing (DIC) and the Diploma in Business (DIB), awarded by NCC Education, UK. Following the completion of Advanced Level and the Diploma, the students can join the second year of a degree course at a university in the UK, Malaysia, New Zealand or Australia 1 or continue for just two years at the Gateway Graduate School and completing the full degree programme in Sri Lanka. Students are also able to take the University of Arizona Early University Program with 3 A Level subjects and those who complete this with the required A levels will become eligible to apply for the second year of Bachelor’s degree studies offered at the University of Arizona or any other U.S. university.  As their fourth subject, students also have the opportunity to take the ATCL Diploma in Performing offered by Trinity College London.

It is encouraging to see that the school’s academic achievements at Key Stage 4 and Advanced Level are on an upward trend. All students achieve a near 100% pass all their subjects. Over the years, we have had many high flyers who have obtained outstanding results whose performances have got them to the best of Universities in the world

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