The outstanding academic performances of our students bring to light that the systems and processes we have built over the years are now paying dividends. Even though we have modelled our curriculum according to the English system of education, we have always had an open mind to embrace good practices from any part of the world, including Sri Lanka. We constantly revise and review our systems to suit our students and our country.

ICT and Computing has become an integral component of the teaching and learning process at all levels. In this regard, we are fortunate that the ‘Computer Poineers’ (CP) curriculum that has been designed and developed by the Gateway Kids School of Computing and fully endorsed by Edexcel UK, is incorporated into our school curriculum. Through CP, our students receive the most up-to-date training that in areas such as Robotics, Animation, Data Logging, Control etc. that supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning. Through this well-structured programme that has an international reach, students are able to receive certification from Edexcel UK, at the end of every academic year.

Gateway believes that Parents should play an important role in the child’s academic progress and strongly considers them as their Partners in Progress. In this respect, the school expects the parents to participate in the regular Parent-Teacher interactions and monitor the child’s performance at home.

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