Having strengthened the position in the Primary and Secondary sectors, Gateway College has also gone into the tertiary sector, ushering in a new dimension to the institution where we provide education from Play Group (2 ½ years+) to Degree Level, with a new focus and theme – “Foundation to Graduation”. Opportunities for tertiary education as well as guidance and counseling for higher education overseas are provided by the Gateway Graduate School.

 The structure of Gateway College is as follows:

  Stage School Year Recommended Age
Primary Foundation Stage Play Group 2 ½ + to 3+
Nursery 3+ to 4+
Kindergarten 4+ to 5+
Key Stage 1 Year 1 5+ to 6+
Year 2 6+ to 7+
Key Stage 2 Year 3 7+ to 8+
Year 4 8+ to 9+
Year 5 9+ to 10+
Year 6 10+ to 11+
Secondary Key Stage 3 Year 7 11+ to 12+
Year 8 12+ to 13+
Year 9 13+ to 14+
Key Stage 4 Years 10 & 11 14+ to 16+
Advanced Level Years 12 & 13 16+ to 18+
(AS and A2)


With state-of-the-art facilities and a guarantee of not more than 25 students to a class, Gateway assures the best for every student. Gateway enjoys accredited teaching centre status from Edexcel - UK, Cambridge International and NCC Education – UK, enabling the school to conduct all examinations in-house.

Our Foundation Schools consists of many colourful classrooms with separate reading corners, a spacious music room, a multipurpose room with a mini library, an IT suite and an indoor play room. The outdoor play area is equipped with the most modern equipment to provide meaningful physical development for kids.

Primary and Secondary schools are equipped with modern student friendly libraries, Science laboratories, Design and Technology laboratories, rooms for Art and Crafts, Dance, Drama, Music, Math Lab, Innovation Studio, an Auditorium and several ICT suites. Beautifully landscaped play areas are a special feature of the school.

Interactive Whiteboards are considered to be an excellent resource for not only visual learners but for Auditory and Kinesthetic learners as well. Gateway therefore has made necessary investments to encourage all teachers from Kindergarten level to Advanced Level to use this new tool. With the provision of Internet access to all classrooms in the Secondary School, the teaching and learning at Gateway has reached greater heights. All schools have tabs that can be used for classroom activities when required and in the A Level section we follow a BYOD policy, allowing students to bring their own devices in order to encourage independent learning and research.

All our schools are powered with ‘School-On-Line (SOL)’, our own fully web based school management system that has been developed and managed by Gateway Consultancy Services. Through SOL, most of our processes are fully automated.

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  • 185, Koswatta Road,
    (Via Parliment Road, Off Royal
    Gardens), Rajagiriya
  • Tel: 94 112888288, 94 112888280
  • Email: [email protected]


  • 80, Wariyapola Sri Sumangala
    Mawatha, Asgiriya,
  • Tel: 94 812200300, 94 812200206
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